For information, Noah movie was banned in Indonesia. I am not really sure with the banning reason but it provoked protest.

After months, finally I could download this movie (oops).

Well all I can say, it was bad 2 hours in my life.

2 STARS from me.

One word to describe the whole movie : WEIRD

Everything is weird.

First, look at the poster. Noah is wearing complete clothes. Well a bit fashionista for ancient human. Pants, a shirt and a vest (?) And his family has complete clothes too. You can see the pants his wife wearing is almost skinny pants. (okay…) Too modern for ancient clothes, I guess. (is there any taylor or designer right there?)

And the ax which Noah holding. Really? An ax? How could you shape the iron?

They had test pack too. So how to check pregnancy? Put your saliva on a kind of leaf and if you are pregnant, it will appear 2 dots on the leaf. Well, first of all, is there any relation between saliva and pregnancy? This scene made my eyebrows gather for like 2 minutes -,-

And many more weirdness.

The most I hate in this movie is it was totally different with the Bible. TOTALLY. I expect this is an art movie not biblical movie, but still, Y U NO make the art still cool.

FOREVER QUESTIONS: Y THE HELL God didn’t give him a complete task? Y THE HELL Noah still had to wonder if God would let them live or no? 






Did you ever explain something to someone but he couldn’t get it? The more you explain, the more you get depressed with the stupidity of the person you talk with. God, please….

I can say uhm smart people are minority. So that great university will set up some testes to filter its registrant. It will be about 3 or 5 percents pass the test I guess. In this case, we can say just 3 or 5 percents of human in this world whose brain work great. So, it won’t be odd if smart people are minority.

Maybe we can find people that can’t get any sarcasm in this world. And next we can find people that really…i dont know how to explain them….dumbass? The more you talk to them, the more you realize you wasting your time and energy to explain something that they can’t get  until the time God let them get it or may be it will take forever. *sigh* The disturbing thing is they sometimes be stubborn. So, if you don’t want to spend your whole time talking to dumbass, you’d better stop, and sigh, and go home, go to sleep.

Sepotong Cerita

Burung tidak berjalan kaki mengitari dunia sambil berkoar-koar bahwa dia bisa terbang. Dia terbang dan dunia mengakuinya.

Burung tidak perlu berbicara kepada landak, mencerca ikan yang tidak dapat terbang atau mencerca gaya renang ikan yang bodoh, meski di dalam hatinya, dia ingin bisa berenang seperti ikan.

Burung tidak membusungkan dadanya berjalan mengitari hutan. Dia terbang dan hinggap di satu dahan ke dahan lain.

Burung tidak membandingkan dirinya dengan singa yang pintar mengaum.

Burung tidak berkaca di bayangan sungai dan mengeluh tentang mengapa ia punya sayap.

Jika ada burung yang melakukan adapun satu dari hal-hal diatas, maka dia adalah burung yang bodoh.         


Sekilas mereka seperti orang yang tidak kekurangan apapun, tapi kenyataannya mereka adalah orang yang tidak memiliki apapun.

Bangun dengan kebencian, melangkah dengan keirian, berbicara dengan cibiran, tidur dengan kekhawatiran disaingi. Hidup yang sia-sia. Bagaimana tidak sia-sia? Yang dicibir tidur nyenyak, yang dipandang rendah tertawa bersama temannya, yang dibenci melangkah penuh mimpi. Tidak perduli. Tidak merasa. Dia tinggal bersama dahinya yang berkerut, dan hatinya yang menghitam. Busuk.

Memang dari luar mereka terlihat ‘mahal’. Atasan Zara, bawahan Gap, tas Channel, sepatu Jeffrey Campbell. Tidak ada yang salah dengan semua hal itu apabila hati mereka tidak murah, percakapan mereka tidak murah. Menggenggam cup Starbucks sambil tertawa teringat potongan rambut ‘kampungan’ teman kelasnya, atau membicarakan betapa tidak fashionista-nya pakaian sahabatnya.

Meski duduk satu lingkaran tapi tinggal menunggu giliran siapa yang akan menjadi bahan cacian kemudian. Tentu mencacinya tidak di depan korban.

Gampang sekali melihat masa depan orang-orang seperti itu. Satu per satu akan pergi, kalaupun bertahan, ada kemewahan yang mengikat. Saling memuja di depan, mencaci di belakang.

Jika Tuhan sudah muak, segala miliknya diambil dan yakin sekali tidak tersisa apa-apa. Sahabat? Sejak kapan punya? Bukankah itu hanya teman jalan dan teman nongkrong? Apa yang bisa dicaci? Toh dia berada di roda bawah kehidupan. Dia punya segala hal untuk dicaci. Bagaimana bisa dia yang mencaci?

Tidak berbekas. Dan waktu itu akan datang. Tuhan tidak pernah diam melihat orang-orang seperti itu.

Ohya, maaf aku lupa melanjutkan tentang orang-orang yang menjadi objek cibiran itu. Haha, mereka hanya sibuk mengejar mimpi. Tidak perduli apa kata orang. Mereka hanya maju dan mencapai.

-debora siburian-

He is mine

His hug is my best place in this world.

His kiss is my lullaby.

His praising is my make up.

His hand is my strength.

His smile is my happiness.

His tear is my broken heart.

His cheek is my kiss airport.

His joke is my 9gag.

His voice makes me forget all the burdens in this world.

How can i live without him? He is my everything, my half part. I’m in love with him everyday just like the first day. The future i want to live with is him. The best thing that happens to me in this world is He’s mine and He loves me. We fight so much but we love much more. We hurt many times, but we hug more. The time I chose you was the time I’ve made decision to be loved and to be hurt by you only.

I’m in love, I always be in love with you.

LOL! cute wiggle version, guys!!! *applause*

The saddest thing being in Long Distance Relationship

The saddest thing is when everything seems broken and the only thing that can make things better is a hug, but they can’t.

"If you have any mean plan in your mind, i hope you know it is wrong and leave it. I hope Holy Spirit really guide you and tell you what you shouldn’t do."
so I go to in front of mirror and give my reflection a middle finger

so I go to in front of mirror and give my reflection a middle finger

"Everyone has his own monster. It wakes up whenever he lets it."

I have new idols!!! I adore both of these ladies. HAHAHA.

what i like about them is their songs are far from fairytale and teen’s thing. They make me could think clearly about what truly happen in this world lol.

My favorite song of Lily’s is Fuck You. Dont judge a song by its title. The title may sounds bad but what the lyric tells you is all what matters. The lyric is talking about how cruel people are, judging and hating.

My favorite song of Pink is True Love. She really means TRUE LOVE when two assholes are in love. 

They are just cool and aint no like common girl. I always listen to their playlist everyday. ._.

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